What’s The Next Culinary Trend To Watch Out For? Read This

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What’s The Next Culinary Trend To Watch Out For? Read This

Americans love cheeseburger, tacos, hotdogs, French fries, and anything grilled or smoked like ribs, steak and meat. Every American home surely has a grill or smoker such as those reviewed here at https://smokeysteakranch.com/. These are classic American foods that everyone loves.

But aside from feasting on our own homegrown menu, a lot of us crave for international cuisines that originate from other parts of the globe. Look around and you’ll surely find lots of Japanese, Korean and other Asian restaurants. You won’t also run out of Italian and other European restos. And there are also others who love food establishments offering a taste of South America.

But there’s one sad reality, only very few patronize our very own Native American dishes. In fact, restaurants that specialize in American Indian menu are a rarity.

While the Native American cooking has all the makings of a culinary trend, it seems limited by people’s unfamiliarity to this menu and its rich history. So, in this post we’ll see how the menu of the first inhabitants of the New World looked like.

What was the staple food of the Native American tribes?

Maize or Indian corn is considered the most important food crop of the Native Americans. There were farming tribes that cultivated this corn. Other crops that were common in their menu included squash, beans, wild rice, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet tomatoes, papayas, avocados, and peanuts.

But aside from these crops, Native American diet was very meat-heavy. The feasted on games like deer, rabbit, buffalo, elk, and caribou as well as ducks, turkeys, geese and other birds; fish like salmon and even whales. Almost any animal that can be hunted can be included into the menu.

What was Native American menu like?

Native American menu was simple. They had not much spices on their food and often feasted on fresh bounty. Meat was usually grilled on stones or roasted on fire. Fish was either smoked or baked. They didn’t have the luxury of modern gas smokers like those at Smokey Steak Ranch, so they used whatever was available. They also enjoyed stews and soups that comprised of their harvest. Corn was eaten in several ways, such as tortillas, popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, and hominy. Later on, they learned how to make corn bread.

For dessert, the Native Americans ate maple candy, fresh fruits, and fruit puddings. They also learned how to make hot chocolate beverage and some tribes developed chicha, which is an alcoholic beverage based on corn.

What changed in the Native American menu through the years?

When the Europeans came, new animals, spices and plant varieties were introduced into the Native America diet. Wheat, cows, sheep and banana were added into their menu. New crops were also introduced to the traditional crops, giving way to new dishes. Cooking techniques were also introduced.

The widespread hunting and deforestation of the new settlers forced some tribes to change their traditional lifestyles and that included their eating regimen. There were also tribes that moved to reservations far from where they originated and detached from their traditional agriculture. This has resulted in a major change in the way Native American tribes ate.

Modernization has also caught up with the tribal life which soon resulted in the gradual change in many traditional Native American food preparation and recipes. Today, there are only very few Native American menus and dishes that we come to know. Many have been lost through the years and the time is ripe for it to be given the center-stage.

There have been attempts to rediscover and reinvent the Native American cuisine but for it to flourish, we need to embrace and patronize it!


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