Native American Martial Arts Culture

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Native American Martial Arts Culture

I see many young people joining martial arts training classes now. In my opinion, mixed martial arts is a fantastic way to keep you fit, strong, and disciplined.  Martial art is not just about fighting. You can learn a whole lot of new skills. The wrestling, boxing and other forms are beneficial in developing skills. I use my grappling dummy to increase my resistance training benefits. Athletes too have woken up to the diverse benefits of these martial arts fitness training sessions, as they want to get more out of their weight training and other fitness workouts.

Native American martial arts

Martial arts are also infused in the Native American culture. The fighting style is both a physical as well as spiritual experience by the Native Americans. They consider the killing of an enemy warrior more of a ritual than as predatory. The martial arts training in Indians differ based on the tribes and people. There are nearly 17 regional styles of fighting in Native American history. The Alaskan and Arctic warriors used dog sledge, bows, and spears decorated with ivory and feathers as their main weapons. The armor used was of very high quality and artistically designed. Helmets were made of grimacing faces of men or animals and protected the face, while gaps were present for enabling vision. The helmets were also used as symbol for indicating family status. War clubs, spears and bows were used in the arctic regions.

West coast warriors used a type of body hardening fighting that enabled them to take on several strong blows and this is used as a planting ritual. Shields, slings and bows are the main weapons used by these people. The eastern or Cherokee Indians used the Tomahawk or hatchet as the main weapon. Other weapons used include shield, bows, gunstock club and war club.

The Indians on the plains used several fighting techniques of which the ‘ritual dog soldier’ type of martial arts is a famous one. The main weapons used were the Sioux Teton Lances, which are said to be able to pierce several persons standing in a single row.


The traditional fighting techniques have been fused with other forms of martial arts that are popular like Judo, taekwondo etc. George J. Lepine a Canadian martial artist has created one such form of fighting called as Okichitaw. This is a type of martial arts style, which is created as a hybrid of taekwondo, judo and the traditional fighting methods of Cree or Native Americans.  This type of marital arts uses the gunstock war club, lance, knife and tomahawk.

Martial art does not involve just punching and kicking. There are other advanced techniques like the grappling method, which increases the effectiveness of the training and helps in controlling or defeating the opponents. These submission techniques are being increasingly used by martial art students to enhance training process. When learnt under a proper instructor, these methods give a great many benefits to the learner.


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