Lessons You Can Learn From Nature

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Lessons You Can Learn From Nature

The Indians did not have a traditional education system like we do today. We often put too much stock in what we can learn from books, and not enough in what we can learn from the world around us. Some modern Native Americans talk about the world like it is the “world’s biggest book,” and I believe that is a perfect view to take. The world is full of knowledge, and it is much more challenging to learn from. But the lessons that you take away will stick with you longer than any math textbook will.

Flow Like a River

Rivers don’t stress about where they are headed next. They don’t worry about what they can’t see in front of them. The current will go wherever it does, and nothing about that will change. That may seem scary to some people, but in reality it should be calming and reassuring. There are so many things in life that we can’t control… There is no point in stressing and worrying about them. All that does is cause MORE stress, because you are worrying about worry itself. Instead, think like the river does; just go where life takes you and relax.

Be Like a Salmon

On the other hand, sometimes you need to fight. If you see where you need to go, don’t be afraid to swim upstream. Salmon swim UP waterfalls because they know where they need to go. If you’re unsure about the future, just relax and stay calm… But if you’re sure and you know what you want, swim upstream and fight as hard as you can to get where you need to go!

The Stars Tell a Story

There are so many entertainment options out there, it’s impossible to pick one. It’s getting harder and harder to exist without some sort of distraction. But the stars have been in the sky for more years than anyone can count, and they tell a story of their own. Every culture, from the Greeks to the Indians, has seen constellations that represent ideals of their culture. Gods, monsters, and heroes all live in the heavens above us. Get a telescope from https://likehubble.com/, set it up in a dark place outside of town, and enjoy the night sky instead of watching TV tonight. Winter is the perfect time for this, as we are further away from the sun and the stars seem brighter.

Be a Humble Student

Too many people dismiss the outdoors today, and feel like there is nothing they can learn. But really, those are the people that need it the most. Don’t be arrogant. You have a lot to learn, and nature is happy to teach you what you want to know. Just make sure you are humble, willing to learn, and always seeking out new knowledge. The American Indians did this as part of their culture… Let’s make it part of ours once again.


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