How Native American Indians Used to Smoke Meat To Prepare A Nice And Juicy Meal

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How Native American Indians Used to Smoke Meat To Prepare A Nice And Juicy Meal

How foods were prepared in the past is something that is very intriguing to today’s society. The reason for this is that it’s often hard to imagine how we have grown into such a technologically advanced culture, one where not having a stove is uncommon, and grills are often made to look fancy rather than to be as practical as they could and should be. As a result, it’s nice, every once in a while to look back at the ways in which the Native American Indians prepared their meals and perhaps even try out some of these tricks as a reflection of how things once were and of course, to get a taste of the great flavours that they had during their times.

There are many different ways that Native American Indians used to prepare their meats. These include roasting them over a hot, open fire, grilling them on hot stones, as well as smoking them.

When it comes to smoking meat, this is something that leaves the meat with a decadent texture and of course, an incredibly rich flavour.

How Smoking the Meat Was Done

tasty smoked meatTypically, when smoking meat, the Native American Indians would cut the meat into strips and place it on a rack where it would be hung and then later smoked. This would not only give the meat a great flavour, but it was a great way of preserving the meat. Once the meat had been smoked, it wasn’t uncommon for it to stay good for quite some time and thus this was a tactic that was employed when storage of the meat was necessary. Unlike many meats that develop a dry texture when hung, the smoke enabled the meat to remain juicy rather than becoming too dry.

The fires that were used to smoke the meat were not generally large. Upon the coal, wood was laid in order to keep the fire going and produce light fumes that would both preserve and add flavour to the meats. This wasn’t typically a job for the elders. Instead, the younger Native American Indians were the ones assigned to watching the smoke, ensuring that it stays at just the right amount throughout the process and feeding more wood when necessary. In contrast, nowadays people simply get a good smoker and smoke their meat with a click of a button.

What is also interesting to note about the Native American Indian culture in relation to cooking, is that back then, wasting any part of the animal they were preparing was not an option. In accordance with this, parts like the eyes and the tongue that would be easily discarded in today’s society were not seen as trash to the Native American Indians back then.

Smoking meat was not only a delicious way to prepare a meal, but it was also a necessary one. The fact that this measure would allow the meats to stay edible for a longer period of time, meant that none of their preciously hunted food would go to waste and also that their food storage wouldn’t be limited during the harsher months of the year.


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