How Indians Used Plants and Herbs to Cure Diseases and Gain Strength.

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How Indians Used Plants and Herbs to Cure Diseases and Gain Strength.

Herbal remedies were more popular in the past, however, they never really seemed to die out. Before all the pharmacies and prescription drugs popped up, there was a need for cure or comfort due to an ailment and when it came to the Native American Indians, they sure had an abundance of ways to use herbs.

Some of the herbs they used include:


This herbs was used as a remedy for lung infections that resulted in the production of excess mucus. One way in which it was used was by boiling water and adding a teaspoon of the elecampane herb to the water once it had boiled. The person with the illness would then drink this ‘tea’ up to three times a day. Even today, elecampane is used taken by many when suffering from bronchitis.

Acacia arabica

Given to those suffering from diabetes, Acacia arabica extracts promote insulin production in the body.

Aloe vera

This was a very popular plant amongst Native American Indians and in today’s society has held a strong reputation. You can find it in skin care  products as well as in juices and some even grow aloe vera in their homes.

Aloe vera was mostly used to aid in the healing of wounds. Earlier uses, however, included cleansing internal organs, promoting the health of the reproductive system as well as consuming to improve liver health.

Aloe vera can also very easily be grown in ones home with the use of a growing light as its light source. As a succulent, aloe vera, like many others in its group can withstand a wide variety of different conditions. If you are looking for grow lights yourself I recommend you visit for LED grow lights reviews and handy tips on indoor growing.

Caesalpinia bonducella

A common plant in the India’s coastal regions, it is popular amongst herbalists for the controlling of blood sugar levels. It’s also been used to treat malarial fever as well as colitis and dysentery. One of the amazing things about Caesalpinia bonducella is that so much of the plant was and is useful and each has a different medicinal property. When fried, the Caesalpinia bonducella leaves are a great remedy for constipation. While the seeds of the Caesalpinia bonducella stimulate the uterus and ease lower abdominal pain.

Proof in the plant

In the earlier days, Native American Indians were very fond of their herbal remedies. Many people today, are rather hesitant when it comes to believing that without our modern instruments, Native American Indians weren’t truly able to determine the properties of specific herbs. However, proof lies in the fact that many of these herbs are popular even in today’s society and extensive research has concluded that the properties the Native American Indians claimed are the properties the herbs possess.

With the side effects of modern medicine, it isn’t uncommon for people in today’s society to turn to traditional Native American Indian remedies, whether it involves the boiling, ingesting or bathing in a certain herb. Because in many countries, it is hard to get access to a lot of these herbs, people have resorted to growing them in their homes, aiding their growth with a growing light, especially in the colder months.


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