Awareness of cultural diversity, brings about respect, appreciation and joy

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Even among the many Native American or Indian tribes of North America, there is cultural diversity. Long before European colonialists arrived to settle on the vast plains of the New Continent, clearing indigenous tribes, often violently and cruelly, from land they had inhabited for hundreds of years, there was cultural diversity among all the original and first inhabitants of Canada and the United States of America. Having come from all corners of the earth to settle here long before the ‘white’ colonists arrived, Native Americans were inherently different from each other in numerous but subtle cultural and religious ways.

Ignorance then and now

Yet even then, the indigenous North American tribes did not fully appreciate their unique and invaluable differences and still went to war against each other, usually over issues related to living space and natural and food resources. Back then, they did not have the benefit of opaque or bright LED light bars to see their way clearly through the fog of prejudice. But sadly and ironically, while the last remaining survivors of the continent’s indigenous settlers, often living in rural settings and in squalor on locations, now have a greater appreciation of cultural differences than their perceived urban sophisticates. With the benefit of technologies and vast resources of knowledge, mainstream (urban) American society remains far less aware and appreciative.

Recent remarks by a Presidential candidate have been taken so seriously that it prompted the White House to call upon the Grand Old Party to take action and remove this candidate from its roll. And yet among the remaining Republican candidates there are signs of hope because these gentlemen, one way or another, show signs of cultural sensitivity and tolerance, whether through proclamations or actions.

What needs to be done and what we can achieve

Speaking of actions little is actually done by mainstream American politicians to help improve the lot of our Native Americans. As you should know by now, many of them remain underdeveloped on isolated locations. And instead of beneficiating their elders and leaders with reckless casinos, we could be giving them a lift-up with more sustainable tools and work and life options and reviews, such as the ones shown here, farming and natural power-generating business opportunities.

These examples given here are perfect for propagating what we’re trying to achieve here. Close to our indigenous roots, we are trying to create greater awareness of our cultural diversity. By doing this, more respect and tolerance for those who are different is possible. And when this is achieved, we get more appreciation and joy out of life, particularly when we are able to laugh at ourselves when noting those quirky similarities that we did not know about before.

For instance, did you know that clan leaders of indigenous Southern African tribes are also referred to as ‘chief’? And did you know that like the buffalo once was to the Native Americans, the African bull is a prized asset of Southern African males?


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