5 Ways American Indians Kept Their Lustrous Hair

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5 Ways American Indians Kept Their Lustrous Hair

When looking at old pictures of Native Americans, one can surely notice their lustrous locks.

Having great hair is perhaps one of the most admirable characteristics of Native Americans, both men and women. But have you ever wondered how they do it? Why does it seem that only very few older people have gray hair?

Well, unlike other indigenous tribes Native Indian culture places much value on their hair – their crowning glory. They considered hair as integral part of their identity and often embodied how they lived their life. Just as they give respect to nature, American Indians put much attention on their hair. They took pride in the different hair styles that often represented a certain aspect of their life. To some tribes, hair was not only a source of pride but also had spiritual importance.

Unlike nowadays where hair products and gadgets are ubiquitous, our ancestors didn’t have any of these basic necessities. Don’t ever expect to see a shampoo or soap dispenser in their bathroom; or anything close to the kitchen soap dispensers like this one reviewed here at Sinkhq.com.

What was hair care like during their time?

They made use of indigenous items like roots, herbs, oils, infusions, and teas. Here are some natural hair practices of American Indians.

  1. Aloe vera

Abundant in their surroundings, aloe vera was used since ancient times by our Native ancestors. It provided protection for the hair from the blistering sun and the elements. Regular use of aloe vera helped keep the hair silky and soft. But they didn’t only use it as natural shampoo; they also ate aloe as toxic cleaners and immune boosters.

  1. Rosemary

Although rosemary is known for its uses in the kitchen, American Indians have a unique use for it. They infused the herb in oil and applied it into their hair and scalp. The inherent properties of rosemary helped stimulate blood circulation thereby allowing hair follicles to function and breathe normally. This results in a delayed graying of hair among Native Americans.

  1. Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a common herb among Native Indian tribes. Aside from its nutritional values, it also has very good medicinal benefits. They dried the fruit Saw Palmetto, grind it, and concocted into teas, ointments and tinctures which can applied to the scalp and hair. It strengthened the hair and helped prevent scaly scalp. Furthermore, Saw Palmetto was also used to prevent baldness. It can be used as topical application or taken orally for beautiful indigenous hair.

  1. Stinging Nettle

Long before modern science has discovered the medicinal properties of Stinging Nettle, Native Americans have been using it to prevent hair loss. This grass is abundant in the wild and is widely available to the Native Americans. They’ve used this herb as hair moisturizer as well as a tea for drinking. Stinging Nettle contains high levels of vitamins B, C, and K as well as iron and amino acids – all of this can help grow healthy and strong hair.

  1. Washing & Protective Styling

Native Americans didn’t mess with their hair by washing it everyday thereby allowing uninterrupted hair growth. They also practiced braiding which is actually a form of protective styling. Although they would normally decorate or dress their hair on different occasions, they would only usually do a French braid or one big braid. This way, they protected their hair.



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